Healing From the Ashes

In this life-changing memoir & self-help book, Healing from the Ashes, Author Quetell L. Duncombe shares her own personal story of abuse, setbacks, rejection and seemingly insurmountable obstacles and how she was able to break-free from fear, speak her truth and began healing the broken princess within.

She shares specific actionable strategies audiences can use to embark on a similar path to embracing the healing journey in their own lives. Get in touch with her if you’ve got any comments, questions, recommendation for collaboration, speaking or just want to say hello. She’d be more than happy to hear from you.





Hello beautiful souls, welcome to the Home of this Life-changing healing book

for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

by Quetell L. Duncombe.


Are you tired of feeling broken and unfix-able?

Are you carrying guilt, shame, blame and suffer from low self-esteem?

Have you ever felt abandoned and alone?

Do you have hidden feelings of being unworthy or not good enough?

Do you secretly struggle with depression and anxiety?

In this inspirational memoir & self-help book, Life Coach Quetell L. Duncombe shares her struggles with all of these things and, most importantly, how she was able to overcome them through Faith and developing self-love. Due to childhood trauma, Quetell battled with mental health issues—depression, anxiety, and issues related to control and anger management. She built up walls of defense as a coping mechanism, terrified of further hurt, pain, and disappointment. She grew up feeling no one cared about her Truth, eventually believing that ending her life was the only way out. Today, she is grateful she did not succeed in testing that theory. By sharing her personal story, Quetell hopes to spare others the frustration she felt in trying to figure out everything on her own. She wrote this book not only to inspire, but to help guide those who feel lost and offer insight for those that needs hope that speaking their truth and starting their healing journey is the key to Reclaiming their Power.

In the pages of this book, you will discover how to:

  • Accept your new normal

  • Embrace your authenticity

  • Defeat depression and anxiety

  • Move past your pain to pursue your purpose

  • Re-write your story of adversity and live a life you love.

No matter where you’ve been, Quetell L. Duncombe will help you realize that you have a purpose in life, a voice that deserves to be heard, and a way through the pain you feel.

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A Bit About Me

Quetell L. Demeritte Duncombe  was born on the beautiful sunny Island of Nassau, Bahamas, enjoying powdery white sandy beaches, who now lives in Canada and enjoy the view of the powdery white snow. She is known as The QUEEN Activator, a visionary leader in women empowerment helping women HEAL and create a life they love after childhood sexual abuse. 


She is an Author, Speaker, Certified Life  Coach and Entrepreneur .

 Quetell is a ordained minister and kingdom builder.

She is the CEO of  Women of Royalty Management Solutions,  a premiere  healing hub for  women survivors, offering services, resources and events where we:

  • Implement and facilitate initiatives of culture to break the silence, unlock their inner princess and embark on a journey of healing, self-realization & discovery so that she can break free from her pain & brokenness, RECLAIM her POWER as a authentic  Woman of Royalty GOD has designed for her to be.

  • Specialize in helping women with inner healing and confidence building through an holistic approach of self-love/care, healthy coping strategies and community support.

  • Offering a safe exclusive women only community, fill with love, empowerment  & support. Also providing transformational  and effective coaching/mentor-ship, healing retreats,  conferences, workshops and seminars.

                                                         She is the owner of  Women of Royalty Empire, a luxury hair & beauty brand.

She is also the founder of Women of Royalty Esther Retreat, a therapeutic space created for women to safely share their

courageous stories from trauma to triumph, while providing them with the tools and strategies to build courage to heal.

Coach QLD has been featured in a Celebration of Women.

She is member of Toastmasters and Chamber of Commerce NF.

     She firmly believe that empowering women to HEAL from their Ashes fuels stronger families, better communities and thriving economies. 

She is married to her loving and supportive husband George for 19 years and this union produced three amazing children.


What are people saying....

Anika Harris


Dynamic! Healing from the Ashes is stirring, moving and inspiring. I am most intrigued by Quetell's courage, strength and persistence.

Lady Shannon Ighodaro

City Council Candidate/Entrepreneur

Riveting! This courageous body of work is a must read for anyone who has ever felt abandoned and alone. There is Healing from the Ashes of your despair.

Dominique Brown


Coach QLD, continue with the mission that has been rested before you. May your words inspire others to reclaim what was once stolen from them. May we not allow ourselves to become victims of our  past but actual survivors with a voice to stand tall.


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